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Allows only the participant to RuneScape

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Fecha de inicio 03-20-21 - 08:31
Fecha final 04-30-21 - 08:31
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    The horse and the way that it could be incorperated into the game is still in thought. Will be posted as soon as it's thought of. Carriage. Ok, the general idea with this is that it can save your items whilst you're travelling about runescape. I suppose you can get 2 or 3 inventories in there or similar. This would make it simpler to transport larger amounts of items.

    I did think about the idea that individuals could use it to, say, chop more trees so they could level faster, I develop a remedy for this: you can just use your carriage when transporting goods from your lender or you are simply travelling. As soon as you started to chop a tree, the carriage would be teleported back to your own bank. ( sounds crappy atm because I'm still thinking up solutions to problems) Ok. On the design, I dont have a picture at yet. But if I manage to get one, I'll post it.

    Wooden gate. Fundamentally, this could prevent thieves from stealing your items/ cease some items falling out. Produced from: Any kind of logs. Produced by: with a knife with the logs to make a pub. 6 bars create the gate combined with 2 supports (also created with logs) These are nailed together to make a functioning gate. Would be nailed on the carriage. At least 1 fletching for routine gate

    Metal lock. Extra protection. Allows only the participant to start the gate. Produced from: Any metallic pub which range from Bronze to Rune. Developed by: Using the pub using an anvil to make the lock. Connected to the gate with hammer and nails. Prerequisites: At least 5 smithing for bronze lock. Canvas. Decoration, Hangs over the top of the carriage. Produced from: Cloth, lace, fur or fine fabric. Made by: Using needle and thread with several pieces of fabric, fur, silk or fine cloth on your inventory to make the canvas.

    Attached to the carriage using hammer and nails. Prerequisites: At least 20 crafting for cloth canvas. 25 construction to attach the canvas to carriage.Skeleton - While Summoned your magical is increased by 3, and your attack is increased by two. Shade - While summoned may drain your opponents prayer and provide it to you. Mummy - While summoned may immobilize your opponent from moving for 3 minutes. Vampire - While summoned may drain your opponents blood and return 125% to you. Skeleton Fremmenik- While summoned your assault and strength is improved by 5. Skeleton Mage - While summoned your magic is raised by 8, however your attack and strength have been cut in half.

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