Rsgoldfast - Looks dark blue and transperant at a way Cover Image


Rsgoldfast - Looks dark blue and transperant at a way

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Rsgoldfast - Looks dark blue and transperant at a way has not posted anything yet
Start date 05-03-21 - 08:49
End date 06-30-21 - 08:49
  • Description

    In case a familiar succeeds he will bring back the item that he stole from your opponent and he will have four more uses out of the five he started with. If he fails he won't obtain the item and he will automatically dismiss himself out of your command and he will also leave the title of his grasp on a burnt piece of paper so that your target will know who's after him and will be prepared for you the next time.

    Lets say you have acquired multiple items from the mini-game and are ready to leave. You may be wondering why"Well if you aren't permitted to teleport from the mini-game region, how do you get out? Well in the list of your favorite items your aims and your thieving stove meter, there's a button which says"exit match".

    If you press this button it will tele port you back to the main building were you can bank all your items that you stole from various players during the game. Well this explains the basics, if you have any queries, opinions or ideas, please post them in this subject. Sure there are regular dragons and metallic dragons and people are challenges to a people. There are Fiends that are elemental, but not dragons! So here's my idea for the Elemental Dragons. (I'll try my best to explain, sorry, no photos. Use your imagination)

    Looks white and a small opaque. It mainly utilizes Wind Blast on you, so be sure you have Protect from Magic on. Once defeated, it always drops Air Runes, ranging from 50-150. It has the Exact Same amount of HP as a Green Dragon. For Magic, it's weak against Earth charms and resistant to Fire charms. For Ranged, it's weak aginst Rapid and resistant to Accurate.

    Looks dark blue and transperant at a way. It mainly utilizes Water Blast on you, so be certain you've got P.F.M on. Once defeated, it always drops Water Runes, which range from 30-90. For Melee, it is weak against Stab and resistant to Chop, Slash, and Block. For Ranged, it is weak against Accurate and resistant to Longrange.

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