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Lets say a monster is feeble to RuneScape

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Lets say a monster is feeble to RuneScape has not posted anything yet
Start date 02-19-21 - 11:21
End date 03-31-21 - 11:21
  • Description

    Are my claws worth promoting? I just have 1.5M spare besides my claws. Slayer. What is worthwhile? D-chain or berserker ring? What is better? SS and over or a fury? Barrows:Should I really do black sallies, afterward for Karil/Ahrim, what should I wear? When a ss has the same stats as a whip, why can it be great for slaying? It has like no defense with it? Is the ss's particular good? What's better? How long would a d-def take to get?

    Can the barrows special only work when you have the whole set? Is there anything you'd say is well worth doing and is fun? To get slayer, I heard the Cannon can strike and you can also attack. Should I take one to every undertaking? What exactly does my inv. Look like for slayer? What does my inv. Better to stove or melee Ahrims/Karils? Can you havea manual for sallies? How can I do them? Should I sell my claws for cash and gear? If I wish to kill green dragoners or green monster spiders... what is the best way?

    Any tactics/set ups and anything to know about them. I could have Earth Wave. Bridding: How/what do I hybrid in a secure minigame? White FFA... any good combos? W/o ancients. Just want to fool around. I understand how to produce the rift bots skull but what about the deeper bots? Can I muster something at level 15 summoning for slay actions? Do I alter helms everytime I change my design? (Like Berserker to Archer to Farseer) What gear do I purchase? (Like pots, etc.) Food, any armor? I would like to stock up properly as I want to perform slayer as far as I can.

    What dose my slaying inv. look like? Shield for when ranging? Obby, Defender, or Granite? Lets say a monster is feeble to stab and range. Can I array him if I don't have a stab weapon, or will crush operate just as fine? Thorny snail vs Granite crab? Regen versus combat brace for slayer? Better to stove or melee dragons along with my stats? Are there any multipurpose rings? Mage/range/melee? At 60 pray, is chivalry hard to get? With Fury, I could even have some spare money. Any monsters that I can grind on that I can profit from?

    1K Blue drags vs slaying? Any supervisors or anything I can solo? Is the torso worth getting? Where can I find a group to GWD with? For 70 str fast, where should I train? Is slayer a fantastic option? For 70 defence, where if I train? I need this like really quick. Claws of guthix vs saradomin strike vs zamorok w/e.

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